Unique Facilities at Peacockes Hotel

Below are a listing of the unique features of Peacockes Hotel that you are certainly guaranteed not to find at any other Irish hotel.

Replica Quiet Man Cottage 

Built to replicate the cottage in the famous movie our cottage gives an insite in the way in people lived in Ireland long ago

Connemara Gifts

Our onsite 3,600 sq ft retail space where we are proud stockists of all things Irish. 

Viewing Tower

Completely free, all you need is enough wind to climb all 94 steps!
Where you will be rewarded with panormic views of Connemara.

An Siopa Beag

Translated from Irish 'the little shop' is our onsite filling station and convenience store

Maam Cross Mart

Located next to the hotel with regular cattle, sheep and connemara pony sales this is a truly unique experience



Maam Cross,
Co. Galway


+353 (0)91 552 306




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